Lesson Adult Member      Adult Guest      Junior Member      Junior Guest 
One Hour $150                   $200                    $125                         $150

Half hour   $100                   $125                    $80                           $100

5 hours      $750                   $1000                  $625                         $750​

 Playing Lesson per hour Adult Member     $150                                           
 Playing Lesson per Hour Adult Guest         $200 (plus additional course fee)
 Playing Lesson per Hour Junior Member   $125
 Playing Lesson per Hour Junior Guest        $150 (plus additional course fee)

Extra student per hour Adult Member    $50
Extra student per hour Adult Guest         $50
Extra student per hour Junior Member   $50
Extra student per hour Junior Guest        $50

Mike Richards, PGA Teaching Professional

Mike's  Lesson Rates Effective January 1, 2022

Originally from Ohio and a 30-year member of the PGA of America. Following his passion for golf, Mike worked alongside Jim Flick and traveled for the Nicklaus/Flick and ESPN Golf Schools working as a lead instructor.  Mike has won many awards. His most recent prestigious award is U.S Kids Top 50 Kids Teacher for 2017 and Growth of the Game Teaching Professional for the Golf Range Association of America 2017 & 2018.  Other awards include 2014 "Teacher of the Year" South Florida Section, 2014 "Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, 2011 and 2018 "Teacher of the Year" Southern Chapter- South Florida PGA U.S Kids Certified Instructor 2013-2018.    Mike currently coaches the Golf Teams at North Broward Prep School and was voted High School Coach of the Year in 2019.  "Mike's passion for the game of golf and the instruction of new and experienced players are shown through his personal accolades and those of the students he is committed to teaching."